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Sellers Botanical Expo 2022/23 Under review for this year. Places are still available. Contact us today.

Rhodo Direct

Lisa West  Use rhododendrons to create a beautiful outside space to relax in with stunning Rhododendrons. These low-maintenance plants have transformed thousands of gardens for New Zealand homes. You can have a garden that you can manage, and everyone can enjoy it. 



Creating and sharing resourcefulness by promoting the skills and knowledge we need for the well-being of the planet and people. We transform local resources through care and craft. Classes they run include stool making, spoon carving, darning, felting, basket making, flax weaving and more


Life and Leisure


Templeton Daffodils

Run by David and Letitha Adams, a lifetime of love and care has gone into daffodil breeding and cultivation, order now after looking at the blooms on show.


Christchurch Paeony

A group that swap, share, sell and show these beautiful flowers.


Canterbury Horticultural Society  

Need no introduction, 160 years of horticulture for Canterbury. Based in the Kiosk of the Botanic Gardens.


Magic Moss The Moss Man Allan Patterson

Tai Tapu Garden Club Friendly club, raffle, and posies and they are running our café for you


Myra Yeban  Bonsai trees, Indoor plants, Succulents and Cacti. An enthusiast whose hobby has meant that some need to be sold, you can be the winner here


Paper Gardens

Paper Gardens buys and sells fine books about plants and gardens.

New Zealand Alpine Garden Society information and plant stall. Two planted hypertufa troughs to raffle and Rhodo Direct vouchers


The Iris Society

Plant stall


Joy and Nancy’s Treasures Two Ashburton women who are addicted to treasures and other interesting plants, sell what they love to grow. Trilliums, garden orchids, fritillaria and Erythroniums among other choice plants. 


Alouette Nursery  

Sandi Leith has been the force behind Alouette for many years, and her collection of special tiny rhododendrons and woodland plants goes back much further still. 


Hamish and Mika’s Plants

Overflowing from an incredible botanic garden of unusual plants, spares are sold. All profits go to the Steve Newall Memorial Fund to be used to bring overseas gardening luminaries to NZ, this year is Jim Jermyn, a Himalayan plant expert and renowned gardener. see for details.


Behind the Hedge

Plant Co Kate and Sue are enthusiasts growing all sorts of little plants and perennials, they dabble in all sorts of plants and also grow fruit, asparagus and eggs. No one is sure how they fit it all in.


Alison’s Alpines

A small hobby nursery, situated in Diamond Harbour, specialising in Alpines, Woodland plants and Bulbs. I like the challenge of growing unusual and rare plants and my aim is to offer "something different". Visits are welcome but please ring first. 03 329 3124


Janine Young’s Plants

sells trilliums, fritillarias, spring bulbs and some woodland-type plants. A hobby grower. I have sown a lot of seed this season so in a few years’ time I will hopefully have some really choice plants available. My mother comes up with me and she helps me on the sales table. I have a passion for horse racing, having success this year.


Maley’s Plants

This year we will have a nice mix of early flowering special plants, including Dicentra, Erodium, Pulsatilla and other little treasures.  I have been involved in the hort industry for many years and love growing plants for fun now.



Plants from the Hokonui collection, plant supports. Online sales coming soon.  Suzanne Pickford’s

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