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 Spring is Blooming... 


with Guest Speaker Becky Fox Matthews
Wildflowers from the Cedar Glades of Tennessee

Saturday 16 September 6pm

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Grey headed coneflower.JPG

Botanical Expo Dinner


Come and join us for an evening experience 

with guest speaker Becky Fox Matthews on "Wildflowers from the Cedar Glades of Tennessee”

and hot buffet dinner prepared by Country Feasts.


A delicious choice of ham, lamb or chicken plus three salads and three hot vegetables, along with bread, dessert, tea and coffee.

Wine, beer and juice will be available for purchase at a reasonable price from 5pm.

The Cedar Glades of Middle Tennessee 

Cedar Gladecress.JPG

Cedar  Gladecress

Travel not far east of Nashville, Tennessee, to a unique ecosystem where limestone is found very close to the soil surface or at the surface withno soil above. This fragile ecosystem supports highly specialized plant species, many of which exist nowhere else in the world.

Grey headed coneflower.JPG

Grey Headed Coneflower

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