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Botanical Expo Special 

Broadfield Garden

Come and enjoy the beauty of Broadfield Garden with this Botanical Expo offer!

For a special Botanical Expo entry price of $12.50 a ticket (instead of $20)  you can wander through and explore Broadfield Garden for a truly inspiring experience. Established over 20 years ago and a 6-star award-winning garden of international significance, Broadfield Garden (3.5 hectares) offers the following:

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  • NZ border with 300 different nurserymen's selection of natives, mostly named varieties

  • Rhododendron Garden with just NZ raised varieties- 420 double-labelled with name, source and year accessioned.  Complemented by acers, malus, toona, prunus, paeony, wisteria and perennials

  • Rose garden with blocks of varieties by New Zealanders

  • Deciduous garden with NZ raised varieties of deciduous plants - acer, azalea, Chaenomeles, cornus, daffodil (120 clumps) malus, peony, prunus, Pyrus and Quercus

  • Camellia Garden with a large collection of NZ raised varieties. Topiary balls, pillars, cylinders, hedge and wedding cake

  • Beech forest with red, silver, black and mountain beech

  • 140m canal, cricket oval, sedge pond

  • Kauri Forest with over 100+ Kauris and 100+ species of other Kauri forest plants

  • 1.5km of totora hedges around the garden

  • and more...

Botanical Expo entry ticket sample.png

 Spring is Blooming... 


Trip Advisor

Jan 2021

... The garden is divided into "rooms". Theres a beautiful rose garden, a herbaceous border using NZ natives, a Kauri forest, a beech forest, rhododendron garden, perennial garden etc. Each garden contains interesting art work or sculptures (many of which unbelievably were hand sculptured by one of the gardeners!) It was difficult to believe that this was just an empty farm field back in 1992. 

No matter how many gardens I visit, there’s always another cracker to see.  Broadfield Garden, in Rolleston, is one.

It was justifiably given six stars by the New Zealand Gardens Trust, and that rating means Broadfield has been assessed as a garden of international significance. Rather than attempting to emulate an overseas design, owner David Hobbs says originality has always been a priority. New Zealand plants, both natives those bred here from imported species, are a vital aspect of that approach.

As a result, it would be easy to spend an entire visit in these borders, but there is much more to see at Broadfield, each area screened from the next by the beautifully maintained hedges.

Trip Advisor

Feb 2020

NZ Native Plants displayed to perfection.Not really known for their flowers or colour, Broadfields highlights the textures and foliage colours in a dramatic and sometimes formal layout that makes it stand apart from most "native" gardens I have seen.

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